My Home, Florence

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My Home, Florence

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I live in a pretty small town in-between Phoenix and Tucson. There isn’t much to do here, no theatres, bowling alleys or major grocery stores. We have two stoplights, two Circle K’s and many, many bars. Despite the lack of normal city places, I would not have changed the place where I grew up.

There is no other place with the safety and comfort of Florence. It’s not a big deal to leave your vehicle or doors unlocked. Everyone knows everyone and despite small town gossip, you always have a sense of security.

My favorite thing about Florence is the smell ofrain during monsoon season. Even though we get very little, I always look south during the summer months to see if a storm is on its way. I love the lightning, thunder and occasional downpour only Arizona has to offer. The smell is invigorating and gives me a rush of adrenaline and excitement. I have lived in Chandler and the smell of wet pavement just doesn’t do it for me like the smell of damp desert dirt and creosote bushes. I love the rain, and it just isn’t the same anywhere but home. It is by far my favorite thing about Florence!

The friends I have made in our small school are still some of the most important people in my life. I met my husband there. I knew everyone I graduated with and remained close with many after graduation. The friendships I have made in my hometown contribute to the feeling I have for her. Everyone is close and they all look out for one another. It’s great.

Another great thing about Florence is the history here. There are many buildings on the National Historic Registry. Many of the old buildings are still open and tell the stories of the years through their appearance. From the sign at town limits that says “Welcome to Historic Florence” to the stories told from the gray haired older generations, history is written all over our town.

We also have something that no other town has to offer, Country Thunder! Every year a three or four day festival of country superstars, karaoke contests and just a lot of country fun arrives and thousands of people show up to the middle of the desert to take part. Stars like Big and Rich, Brooks and Dunn and even Larry the Cable Guy have been some of the lucky stars to visit us here in Florence.

Even though there isn’t a lot here, there is enough to keep me coming back to the only place that gives me the feeling of comfort and security that Florence has to offer. It is a great place to raise children and retire. I would recommend Florence to anyone looking to get a way from the noise and retreat to a place with the security Florence has to offer.